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The PowerFC USB Adapter is a low-cost interface for tuning and logging A’PEXi PowerFC Engine Management Computers. The PowerFC USB Adapter unlocks the potential of the PowerFC computer by allowing the tuner to adjust all settings, recalibrate pressure sensors, and monitor up to four separate analog inputs.

The PowerFC USB Adapter is designed to seamlessly transition between all popular datalogging software, including FC-Edit, PFCprobe, CoPilot, and FC-Tune Preview.



PowerFC USB Adapter Features Include:
  • Automatic Baud Detection to seamlessly transition from A’PEXi software or third party software
  • Four analog (two differential) filtered inputs
  • LED Diagnostic lights for both power and I/O activity
  • Firmware Upgradable
  • Lower cost than alternative interface hardware
  • Built and supported in the U.S.